Sunday, June 28

- Sunday -

CG was great!
Did not know its a unit CG.
Was kinda surprise to see many peeps there.

Anyways, the topic today was on FLH

I find it really meaningful and make
me think depth about it.

There are certain aspects I must learn
and change to be a better person.

Colossians 3:22-24
22Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord. 23Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, 24since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.
- Tribute to MJ -

Do you realise?
Most of the time, when a person pass on, one then start
to regret and be appreciative?

It is obvious and can be seen & heard in loads of media.
Newspaper, Magazine & Internet.

Many people starts talking about MJ but it
comes to a dot after a period of time.

This reminds me of Beatrice Xu (Xu Wei Lun)
where she passed away on year 2007.

Cherish & Treasure life.
Life is fragile.
Spent time with your love ones.

Saturday, June 27

- 6th Hit Singer Award 2009 -

Elva Hsiao!

Best Female Singer! =D

- Friday -

After work, met church mates!
Dinner with them.
After which, went hypermarket to buy
Met Nat and say HI! =)
Think its kinda sudden for her.
Never chat much as she's with her bf.

Then, watched transformers 2.
The show lasted 2 hr 30mins I suppose.
The plot was not fantastic with not many climax.
Nice sound effects though.
Certain scenes were quite humourous.

Megan Fox look sexy throughout the show.
Overall, the show is quite okay for me.

Ratings: 3/5

Thursday, June 25

Work as usual.
Today got 'special duty'.
It's kinda fun yet irritating at times
even though I done it before.

Recalling the first time, it looks more official.
At the same time, I was more serious in the excerise.
This time, I never take it so serious.

Makan dinner with
Huan & Sun at Jurong Point.
Ate delifrance!
The food tasted normal.
After which, random shopping!

Enjoyed the company.
Our craps makes me LOL!
There's always laughter with Huan & Sun.
Seriously, I'm glad we still keep in close contact! =)

Anyway, the automatic flush from JP toilet looks cool.
Initially, I thought it will flush automatically.
Then, I tried placing my hand there but
still no signs of flushing.

After which, I bang my hand to it few times. It works!
Kinda stupid yet interesting because it
makes you do what it says!
Am I sua ku or what?
I seen it first time in malls toilet.

Home sweet home!

Wednesday, June 24

In short, busy, tiring & sick day.

If you do not know anything, do not just assume and think it your way.
If you do not like people to treat you this way, reflect it on yourself first.
If you think the world only revolves you, then you are so wrong.
Try to think before you do something.
If you dislike people to do that, I wonder why you enjoy doing it to friends.
If you still do not try changing, I really do not know what to do.

Tuesday, June 23

- 沉默的瞬间 -

Nicholas Teo latest album is out! I admit that I started to notice him through Smiley Pasta where he acted with Cyndi Wang. The song - bei ji xing de yan lei attracted me and make me wanted to know this singer more. Before that, I do not have deep impression on him. Think the show/song gain his popularity.

For his latest album, the style and presentation of singing is still the same. His sentimental tracks really capture one hearts. He is able to present well. One of my favourite malaysia singer. However, I hope to see him trying different genres of music. In his previous album, I am glad he put effort in dancing and singing fast tempo songs.

He kinda look like a korea guy on his album cover/pictures. The overall package is reasonably nice.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Monday, June 22

Today was kinda busy because Sufian was not helping me in office. He's attached to level 9 till next tuesday. Leaving me with all the work! Anyways, still can cope with it. Office seems quiet without the two. He claims to be busy there but I wonder if it's true. haha.. Busy study as what Qadir say? hmm. Lunch was with Huan! Budget lunch again. As usual, crapping. After work, met Aloy on MRT station. Am glad to see him around. Say HI with quick updates yet he responded fast and ran to catch up with his school mates. Initally, the way he react was kinda 'bo chap'. Through his blog, I realised it was kinda surprise and sudden to him. And he actually thought our conversation was funny! =p Anway, if you get to see this, you still look the same without much changes.

Sunday, June 21

- Sunday -

Went to Labrador Park to celebrate
fellow church mates POP!

Think its my first time there, nothing special but
its a nice and quiet place.

Initally, weather was great! However,
it starts to rain kinda heavy. Brought in the food to shelter.
Lucky, rain stops fast.
Continue our BBQ at the pit.
Nice food!
Thanks peeps who prepare
the food & BBQ it for us. =)

Then, it was ice-breaker game.
Interesting as one need to break the ice,
get the singlet and wear it to be the winner!
As usual, it's fun!
Many of us were cheaters. but who cares?!
As long we enjoyed it! =)

During free time, Get to mingle around
with new peeps there!

Home sweet home! =P

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20

- Saturday -

Service was great as usual.
Learn about fatherhood.
One need to love unconditionally.
God always loves us, no matter what!

He's there to test us while the devils tempt us.
Just keep this in mind, he know's what we need BEST!

At the same time, get to learn on being
good papa in future.
Children tend to get influence from their parents.
Thus, to exercise love and do things appropriately.
Most importanly, to seek wisdom.

After which, dine in PS.
Then, decided to watch drag me to hell.
Feel that it's more towards thrilling than horror to me.
Nice storyline with unexpected thrill.
Certain shock yet funny scenes.
After making so many effort
to save her life, she still being drag to hell.
It's more of a thrilling show for me.

After the show, this comes to
my mind "What is meant to be is meant to be".

Thrill Ratings: 4/5
Horror Ratings: 3/5
- Friday -

Yesterday, OT after work.
Usually, OT is something one will not like.
However, it was a fun one!

Just do accordingly to what they tell us to.
Going almost every floor.
Though its just about an hour thingy.
I kinda enjoyed it.

Will be working hand with hand with one of my
boss for next 7 working days due to swine flu.

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly.

Thursday, June 18

- Random Thoughts -

I wonder why human like to make comparison? For me, I feel that schools are all same to me. Thinking about the past, while I got a place in RP & NYP. I chose RP. Why? That's because I did not manage to get the course I wanted in NYP. I got IT - the course I wanted in RP!

At the moment, I was thinking whether to choose the campus or course. It was quite hard for me to decide. However, my decision was RP. It's the course that matters not the school. I will not have the motivation to study without my ideal course. Furthermore, it lies within myself whether to study. Even if the school is well-known, I will never fare well if I am lazy.

I still remembered KS said this to me: Eh.. The school so lousy and not recognise le.. NYP is better. I feel that he's silly to say that. Firstly, he was rejected without getting a place from RP. Secondly, he got to NYP with the counter offer. He never get in to the course he actually wanted.

Till date, I never regret my decision to join RP but am glad! Seriously, I learn and gain alot from the campus. Some of my fellow mates went to university! And for me, I apply for unisim and have received a notification from them already. Thus, its still the same thinking for me. It's me, myself and the course matters, not the school! And yeps. Starting my part-time studies on Jan 2010! =)

Monday, June 15

- Live Life Online Anywhere With
SingTel BroadBand On Mobile Youth Plan -

I wish to have internet connection on buses. Travelling long journey from one destination to another is boring especially when you are alone.

Having internet connection, it actually allow passengers to do what they intend to do. Example: Watching MV/drama through youtube, uploading assignments, MSN and etc. In fact, they can multi-task at a go! If there are any urgent matters, it can be solved!

Since this is a Mobile Youth Plan, and facebook is so popular at the moment. youngsters tend to keep their profile updated almost everyday. With this plan, they can do it anywhere, anytime!

“Live Life Online Anywhere with SingTel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan! Visit for details.”

Sunday, June 14

- Saturday -

Before church service, went to Fel,
Pornsak & DYT event.
2 of my favourite celebs there. =)
Did not manage to capture nice shots on pornsak.
Thus, no upload. =(
Felicia sang a nice song. =D
DYT looks cool.
Main focus were both of them as
Pornsak is the one who host.

Then, rush for church service.
Service was great.
It make me think alot.
Most importantly, is to be humble.
Do not let temptations step over you.
Think hard before doing something which devils
will seize the opportunity to attack us.
It's really not easy I must say.
No matter what, we are still human.
No one is perfect.
Must always remind myself not to be
tempted easily
After service, went for dinner.
Prepare for our night cycling trip.
Reached the location, waited about 4 hours till
the bike came.

Seriously, I'm bad at cycling.
Before this trip, I tend to think
if I will burden the whole process.
I told some of them I'm slow on this.


After long waiting, here we go.
Initally, I still can make it.
Btw, we cycle from CCK to ECP.
We'll stop at certain camps to pray
for one another in thier respective camps.
After arrival of 2nd camp, I admit I'm tired.
However, I did not want to give up.
Then, HY came wanting me to snap pictures.
Thus, I miss the cycling to one of the camp.
I continued the rest later on.
On the way, I really slowed down.
Think I was kinda lack behind.
I persevere on.
Not because of anyone out there but lord.
I trust in him.
Unexpectedly, I felt I have the energy to move on.
The rest of the journey was pretty smooth for me.

Through this cycling, I learn alot from it.
I overcome many things.
I did not expect I can do it.
Especially, when the route is not that stable.
Need to be observant for the cars as well.
At the same time, I see the human nature within us.

Finally, we reached our destination!
everyone is just so tired!

Hope we can perseverance on and believe that we will be there one day. =)

Saturday, June 13

- Siling's 21st -

Yesterday, after work, rush back.
Then, out for Siling's bday BBQ!
Arrived there at about 8.30pm.
Random talking to E35D pals.
Updates ourselves.
Enjoyed the company with my closer gang. =)
Love the cake lots!