Monday, November 30

Today, went to collect Angela's singles.

Then, went to PS for Aaron Kwok & Ekin Cheng meet and greet event. They are here to promote their upcoming movie - The Storm Warriors. Waited about an hour plus till they appear on stage. You may think time wasted like that but for a person who have interest taking good pictures would not mind. Especially when the outcome appear to be reasonably good. =)

Sunday, November 29

Watched it with LHY and Justin. Initially, the show was rather boring but it gets better as the story goes on. It's heart-breaking to see people die in such a disaster. I ponder when the world is coming to an end. No one knows, only god. It injected certain warm-hearted scenes as well. Thrilling yet touching. Overall, it's a show to remind us to treasure your love ones and be contented!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Saturday, November 28

As usual, service was a great one. I got to gain certain aspect in life that sometimes, we have to sacrifice our time for others. Most importantly, to affirm people for the effort they put forth.

Then, went to meet Gary and Ah wei!
Had great time chatting & laming around!

Friday, November 27

Lunch was at Siam Kitchen! The food tasted reasonably alright. Feel that everything tasted, sweet as honey.

Then, went back to RP since we were nearby just now. Brought back lotsa memories. And RP have since changed.

Then, As planned to chevron for our singing session! At the same time, celebration for Huan birthday and Sun belated! Usual crapping!!

After that, went to orchard, view christmas lightings and had LJS!! =D