Wednesday, August 30

- Troubled BGR -

It's been a while since I really had the chance to chat with my good friend whom I know during secondary till now. Yesterday, This guy called me to discuss about the preparation of PP. After which, we talked till off topic. He shared with me about his relationship problem which troubled him quite some time. He admitted that he is an emotional guy but I felt that he was more towards devoted. Besides that, he wanted to delete his friendster account which I think it is foolish. He should face it instead of running away from it.

I have somewhat shared my past experience with him as well. I understand and know that it is not easy to forget and let go in a relationship. However, one ought to be strong, let go and move forward.

I certainly hope that he could learn to let go one day and keep all the happy memories he had with the girl. With that, I believe he would be more happy! =)

*I think he do not wish to be named. haha..

Tuesday, August 29

- E35D BBQ! -

Just came back not long from class E35D BBQ. I think this was my first time going to Aloha! resorts. The place looked cool with basketball court and swimming pool. However, the room was quite small.

I sat down talking to the gang there while some of the others in the kitchen busy preparing the BBQ stuff. I have great time chatting with geok ling. I felt that I know her better now. I always like to make fun of her and . . . . which make her facial expression look so funny. Wahaha.. (E35D should know who!) =p Besides that, I also have a great time chatting with KiKi. =)

After which, I have helped out preparing the food to be wrap into the aluminum foil. I so guai got helped out! haha..

While setting up the pit, we took some pictures. Great! =) We have fun taking turns to take pictures. Some were group photos while the rest were 2 person in a photo. I also video the others when they were talking and taking pictures. =)

Fred plan a game which was quite entertaining and fun but I did not join in. haha. The loser has to drink beer for punishment! I think Wai Tong has been punished a number of time. He drank till his face red and did not feel well. After which, he vomitted. Poor Wai Tong. I think he's alright now! Hopefully so! =)

As a whole, I enjoyed myself there. There's so much fun and laughter! haha. I have been laughing most of the time. Thanks to everyone who was there! haha. =)

*updated pictures! =)

Saturday, August 26

Last Day in E35D . . .

Time really files.. My second year (1st semester) just ended not long.. Glad to be in E35D and get along pretty well with them.. They are fun-loving and nice to be with.. Always like to crap and joke... How I wished I would not be changing class! I think I have said that many times in the past whenever each semester ends.. Anyway, I begin to get used to it. Hopefully, I get to a good class and faci for my new semester! =)

I am happy today because I finally got to bluetooth the songs I want to my new handphone! yippeee!! =)