Wednesday, April 30

- Enlistment Date -

After few weeks of waiting, and friends knowing their dates and unit.

Mine is finally finalised!! Phew~

Will be reporting to the police academy on the 9 sept.
Felt quite nervous yet excited about it.
Do not know how it would be like.
Heard from loads of people saying PA will be more relax.
My elder bro who knows about the news shout out loud - SO GOOD!
No matter where, I believe there will be certain difficulty where one might face.

Those who have not receive any notification, do not worry. Just wait for them to update the status of yours. It may be faster than keep on pestering them yea. Best luck! =)

Saturday, April 26

- Doomsday -

Went to watch this movie with Gary. Felt that the show was kinda boring in the beginning. As the story goes by, it gets interesting. Certain usual gross scenes which you can find in the movie, 30 days of night, 28 days and child's play series. However, this one appeals more to me because it was hilarious as well. Made me LOL and excited while watching it. Overall, it's quite nice though the plot can be better.

After which, went to grab something. Random chat but the main topic was on national service. While I have not received any notice from CMPB. Gary had receieved his letter and will be enlisted soon. He's kinda worried about it while I tried to comfort him making him feel better. Anyway, I felt the same too but never show it out that much.

Thursday, April 24

-“Simply Gorgeous” Grand Finals
Interview Session -

Went for the interview just now. Few questions were posed. I think I answered fairly well. Nervous yet feeling confident. They requested me to sing while I mentioned that I got 3rd in a singing contest. The song I sang was "If I let you go" by westlife. Hopefully, I did well for it. Mum and Aunt went to be the guests. Mum says I look differently as usual resulting me feeling kinda irritated. However, I know she wants me to look good. That's why she react this way.

I must say that the experience was pretty cool. Get the chance to answer tough questions from the judges, photographers taking pictures on me, and posing infront of the cameras. Felt like a star. Cool! =D

The results will be out 2 weeks later. No matter what's the outcome, I know I have already put in effort and tried my best being myself! Naturally and Simply ME! =D

Wednesday, April 23


I have been shortlisted for the “Simply Gorgeous” Grand Finals Interview Session, to be held tomorrow, at Giraffe Restaurant and Bar. My time-slot will be at 3pm which means I am the first person to be interviewed. By the way, I'm one of the top 12 finalists who were shortlisted. A panel of judges will be interviewing me. My dress code will be simple yet not complicated. Did not prepare much for it. Just have to do my best. Hopefully, everything goes well tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 22

- 我真的后悔 -

A song compose by me. The melody is there, however, it would not be nice without any music. Maybe would get that done in future.

Composer: Kenny
Title: 我真的后悔


真的不可能(woo woo~)

我真的后悔 好后悔
是我从没感觉到 多么真实

我真的后悔 好后悔
Copyrighted © 2008

Sunday, April 20

- 愛情經紀約 -

Just finished watching this taiwan idol show. I know this drama was quite some time ago. I watched it because it has my favourite stars (Genie, Ambrose and maybe Alex?). Initially, the story was dull, talking mostly about the company stuff.

However, as the story goes on, it gets more nice and exciting. From it, I also understand that to gain respect, you have to treat others well without having any evil/selfish thoughts. However, I do not think everyone would think this way. Would try changing myself to be a better, likeable person who can gain people respect.

I have to say that Ambrose acted very well! Certain scenes were rather touching. Should have shown more of Genie I thought. The other casts acted well too! Watching too many taiwan drama made a person more sentimental and emotional? hmm. Overall, a nice show.

Friday, April 18

- Enlistment Date -

Most friends of mine already receive their letter stating the date and unit to report while my date was not finalise yet. Weird yea. I think small group of brothers out there face this situation as well. Most likely, it's not ready yet. Just have to wait till they finalise it. Hopefully, it would not be a long wait.

Monday, April 14

- The Days We Had Together -

A song written by me. This is a friendship song. For people who treasures their friends loads. Hope you guys love it!

Composer: Kenny
Title: The Days We Had Together

Remember the days we first met?
From strangers to friends.
And now~
There's nothing we would hide.
Remember the quarrels we had?
Big or small~
but our friendship still remains.

The days we used to had.
The things we used to share.
The happy and sad moments are the times I won't forget.
Though time spent were less
But I would always remember
friends would always be there!

No matter what happens.
We would always be there~
The memories we had ~
were best to be kept ~~~
Copyrighted © 2008
- 钱不够用 2 second filming -

Certain unhappy things happen recently. Is that because I'm down with luck? Hopefully not. I'm here to say about the filming process but not in detail. It was a terrible one I have to say. Made me real mad as well. The way things were done were totally irresponsible! Wasted my 6 hours just like that. Sobz. I hope I have spent some time wisely as I compose two songs during that time. A english and chinese song. The english one can be consider done. Would post it up later. Hope you guys like it. Would complete the chinese song ASAP.

Sunday, April 13

- E35D BBQ -

Went to have BBQ with the usuals. Before that, meet Carmen and Ling. Suppose to meet at 5.30pm but they came at 6pm. Then, went to shop for food and prepare for our BBQ. Ling was damn funny. It seems that she wanted to buy all her favourites. During the BBQ, chatted about recent hot topics which were application to Uni and NS status. However, I did not go depth into those topic. Just did random chat with them. Did the bbq-ing with Brenda and liyana. Miss the chance of eating the jelly and curry chicken. Boon Leng drove me back with his motorbike. Felt nervous initially but felt better later. Was surprise that I agreed to it. The experience was quite nervous yet thrilling though. I think that boost up my courage alittle ba.

Friday, April 11

- 黑糖玛奇朵 -

Few days ago, finished watching this taiwan idol drama. I feel that the storyline was rather interesting. There's six guys(BangBangTang) and nine girls(HeiSeHuiMeiMei) each has its own character. From strangers to brothers, and friends to lovers. The story was kinda unexpected and ended happily. The show was kind of lame and funny! but I find it nice, memorable and touching. Maybe the casts were mostly youngster which made it lively. Worth watching!

Currently, watching engagement of love. Watched till Ep 4 already. After that, would watch yuan lai wo bu shuai. =)

Thursday, April 10

- 钱不够用 2 -

Went to be an extra for this upcoming movie yesterday. On the way, many funny incident happens which made me LOL! Typical Aunties and Uncles can.

Wasted and waited for an hour till the extras get to film. Initially, was ask to sit down at the kopitiam eating. The food they gave us was like a mess. Still say can eat one. Who will dare to eat seh?! After their discussion, they decided to give me a coffee boy role walking to and fro. The acting lasted about an hour plus which was fast. The pay was quite reasonable.

Monday, April 7

Thursday, April 3

- Simply gorgeous competition -

I am in the grand final now. For that, I sincerely thanks my relative who really take great effort to find people voting for me, and friends who voted for me for the past months. Appreciated!

Continue voting for me yea! =)

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