Saturday, August 30

- Just Another Day -

Won in a contest for designing idol wallpaper. My piece was in 2nd position! It based on judges views instead of voting. Went to collect the prizes but it was not attractive! Anyway, I did it for fun thus the prize do not really matter to me.

The one which I won:

Check out the others I designed at:

Thursday, August 28

- Comex IT Fair -

Went to IT fair with Danny and friend. It was so crowded, like weekends to me. Browse through things which interest us. Took some flyers of digital cameras but never pay full attention to it. Still thinking whether to get a normal or professional one. After which, went to grab something and chatted randomly. Their conversation were always so funny which made me laugh.

Anyway, stopped work on tuesday. It's time for me to pack my stuff, and be physically and mentally prepared for NS in PA.

Tuesday, August 26

- 3 Faced Elva
三面夏娃 -

After few months of waiting, Elva CD + DVD edition is finally out! I bought it yesterday and only to realise that the singapore version comes with her showcase concert for the album. -_-". The one I bought was actually the Taiwan version. I will still buy the Singapore version when its out for the sake of her showcase concert!

I think she has been improving tremendously from past albums. Most songs are catchy and memorable! Not only her hit songs are nice. In fact, some felt that other songs were nicer. A singer who has the overall package! Be it slow or fast songs, she's able to cope well with her unique voice. A great dancer as well!

I wonder why she's not damn popular in Singapore as compared to China, HongKong and Taiwan. Anyway, I feel that her talent will be seen by Singaporeans in near future.

Go grab yours! You will not regret it! Get the Singapore edition if you want to go for her showcase concert.

Sunday, August 24

- Music Charts -

This week, Elva did well with two songs in yes933 and ufm - I'll be there and Chong Dong. For yes933 - I'll be there maintain top 5 even having 10 weeks in the chart. Chong Dong just entered the chart this week with 16th position which is commendable.

For ufm - Chong Dong maintain top 3 having 7 weeks in the chart. Last week, the song got 1st!

As compared to the past, I think there's improvement!

Credits: Elva Singapore

Wednesday, August 20

- A Day Out -

Went K-lunch with Dai Nai today. As usual, we were rather high. Most songs we sang were new released. I get to sing my favourite idol new songs! Elva, Wilber and Rynn. Not to forget Genie,Kenji, S.H.E. It's pretty hard to get Dai Nai to praise people because he has high expectation . He said I did very well for Wilber song (Zhuan Ji) =).

I think I did well for Ambrose one as compared to the past. He sang very well for the Li Shen Jie one. After which, we went eating and shopping around the centre. He bought Xiao Zhu DVD concert which he thought was cheap. After walking around, realised that the one he bought was actually the most expensive one. -_-"

Sunday, August 17

- BeiJing Olympic Games 2008 -

Watched the table tennis - women team gold medal contest. It's a match between China and Singapore. It's rare because its 48 years ago since we managed to clinched a medal. A pretty exciting game. China did well in analyzing their opponent weak point to defeat them. Anyway, a small country like singapore who made it so far is already commendable.

Though Singapore did not get the gold medal but they have certainly done us proud.

Credits: Team Singapore

Saturday, August 16

- Concerts -

Recently, had the chance to watch Wilber Pan, Nicholas Teo and Angela Zhang DVD concert.

Nicholas really wow me with his singing but his costume was rather simple and ragged. I still watched it although I went for the one held in singapore. Love most of his sentimental songs. Great compliation!

Wilber one rocks too! His costume suits him pretty well. He's a great rapper and dancer. Still, I love listening to his slow songs. After watching the preparation of the concert, I realised the effort he put forth for it. A few minutes performance required loads of practice.

Angela one was rather normal. Most of her costume do not really suit her well. There's not much of excitement or climax. I think that's because most of my favourite hits were not included in it. However, she did tip tap dance which I find it interesting.

Tuesday, August 12

- My Birthday -

Danny celebrated my birthday yesterday. He treated me pastamania - hawaiian pizza and bubble tea. Zhi Qiang wanted to celebrate with me late tonight but I rejected because I do not want him to rush from of his workplace. I'm happy that he got the heart to do so. Thanks for the well wishes from friends. Appreciated. =)

Mum asked me what in mind I want to eat. I replied saying that I'm fine with this and that. Finally, we decided to order KFC - Super Tuesday. Though its a simple meal but I'm happy with it.

I feel that my age is catching up real fast. Think I need to plan my future well. It's still so unknown ahead. Must be decisive and firm in what I really want to do. Most importantly, do the things I want and not easily influence by others.


Monday, August 11

- Dove Shower Ok! -

My brother and his junior went to join the contest.
They were rather funny in it.

Each person can vote up to 10 votes in total.
Thus, use it ALL to vote for Sixteen!

Register and vote and you could win an Apple ipod Touch!

Sunday, August 10

- Working day -

As usual, when to work today. Ever since I'm back working there, today was one busy day I had experience in past before. Reasons due to a sunday and Jam's Hsiao signature session.

When I reached there, danny went to the toilet (do business) leaving me alone in the store. After awhile, customers came in. Oh my! most of them bought Jam's album till I do price change till sians since its sold at cheaper price. When he's back, he praise me for the good sales and I told him most came to buy Jam's CD. How i wish elva's album can have such performances everyday. =p

In order to boost sales, we keep on repeating his song till the start of the signature session. Most bought the CD + DVD edition leaving the CD version rot there can. For me, I will buy the CD + DVD version for sure. 2 CD and 1 DVD le.

Bought donuts from donut factory for dinner, 12 in a box. shared it with danny. Oh my! I could not finish it. Silly me for eating that. Resulting me to waste one away.

Saturday, August 9

- National Day 2008 -

Nothing special about the celebration because it seems so alike from past years. Having simliar flow of schedule and programmes. However, certain segments were pretty interesting. Beautiful fireworks as usual. The theme song - Shine for Singapore is great but i prefer the chinese version of it.

The theme song I like most is still shine on me!.


Friday, August 8

- LiXian's Birthday Celebration -

Qin & Xian = Bday Girls!

The three BESTIE!

US with bday girl!

A special and rare 21st birthday celebration! - 08/08/08.

Went to visit my relative and shop for shoes at bugis. After which, took bus to the location - island resort. Reached there at 7.30pm. I thought I'm quite late but most friends of mine have not reached yet.

Saw christie and chatted loads with her since she's the person who I know was there early. After awhile, the others came. Loads of random chatting and topics going on. Think I kinda suan Ah boy and Jing just now. Hope they will not take my lameness and joke to heart.

It's also a gathering where we keep each other updated as well. Gary told me about his army life. Pretty tough yet interesting. A month later, it will be my turn. Hopefully, i can handle any difficulty.

Great company and yummy food!


Pictures will be up soon!

Monday, August 4

- 钱不够用 2
Money No Enough 2 -

Finally, made use of the movie voucher which I won at simply gorgeous contests. Watched the show with family, aunt and nephew. Initially, I think it was rather boring. As the story goes on, I was quite into it.

It shows the ugly reality side of singaporeans of how one treats their mother when they are old. I think that's the message Jack Neo is trying to bring across. Telling us to take care and treat your parents well when they are old. It injected family matters which revolves in our lives. Certain scenes were rather touching and funny.

Bring your family to watch it. It's a great show!

P.S. Bring some packs of tissue if you are an emotional person. Acted as a coffee boy role walking to and fro. Catch me if you can. =p

Saturday, August 2

- 新城電台國語力頒獎典禮 -

The award ceremony falls at hongkong few days ago. Was glad to see my idols won awards for it! Elva! S.H.E! Wilber! Danson! Their effort really paid off! Below are the awards they won! Check them out! =D

萧亚轩《I'll Be There》

何韵诗 萧亚轩 蔡健雅

萧亚轩 郑希怡

罗志祥 光良 萧亚轩 潘玮柏 容祖儿

薛凯琪 泳儿 萧敬腾 唐禹哲 林宥嘉


S.H.E 飞轮海《新窝》

蔡卓妍 潘玮柏 陈晓东

S.H.E 潘玮柏


More info: