Sunday, August 30

Firstly, I have to say that the G-Force team each has its own personality and style.

Based on my first impression, my favourite character will be . . . .

Agent Hurley!

I think it look just so adorable that anyone will bring it back home! While watching the below clip of agent hurley, I think Hurley is the one who leads the team. Such a wacky Guinea Pig with civilian communication skill! =p

Catch G-Force in cinemas 4th Sep 2009!
CG in the morning! From there, I got to know more about the bible! The holy bible which guide us to the correct path. Just by reading the bible, any difficulties can be solved. No matter who you are, you are the child of the lord. Every individual one is special to god. Interesting sharing and had an enjoyable time having game activity. However, at times, I feel that it's certainly not easy to follow god words fully. No matter what, we are still human. Anyway, Just do good, be good and try to follow as closely.

Then, watched final destination in 3D! First experience watching in 3D. Nothing much but it's rather cool. The plot was straight forward and I kinda like it! Thrilling show is my cup of tea but not the gory scenes. It resembles Battle Royale but obviously BR was way much better! Those who do not know, BR was ban in singapore.

Thrilling Ratings: 3/5
Gory Ratings: 4/5

Saturday, August 29

Went for church service! Seriously, I feel distracted throughout service. I ponder why? Maybe as time pass by, you do feel tired? But I think I will persevere and continue serving my wonderful lord. Love the worship song loads! "You are" is great song! =D

Then, met Richard for a photography session at Clarke Quay! Wooohooo! Realised that we had common interest! Photography! At the same time, spent time chilling and talking about our current lives! Had an enjoyable time! Got to know this brother of mine better =D

Thanks for taking good care of my grandma! It's certainly not an easy task to handle her. Even when my family is here with her. Have a safe journey to your hometown. May lord bless your marriage! Bon Voyage. =p

You will be missed!

Friday, August 28

Finally, I'm done watching this taiwan idol drama - Mean Girl Ah Chu (惡女阿楚). This drama was shown on year 2007. I decided to watch it because Genie Zhuo was in it! I thought she was the female leading cast. However, the female cast was Joanne Zeng.

Anyway, I feel that the cast selected were great! It sort of suit the character in the show. To the extent, I realised that ping zhi was so simple and kind hearted that I hope to learn from him. He was so patience, nice and kind hearted though often being taken advantages. What a person!? With that, he attracted ah chu and Zhi Er. =)

Their acting were splendid! As usual, certain scenes were draggy but I do not mind watching Genie draggy scenes! While watching, I began to like Joanne Zeng too. She acted well and look great! Genie zhuo certainly acted well with her given role. I love her crying and snobbish scenes! She did it so well! Not to forget Sam Wang and Andy Chen.

The love story between ah chu and ping zhi were rather touching! Typical kind of taiwan drama but still I find it nice because it not only focus on 2 leads but other supporting cast such as Genie Zhuo and Lisa Wang. Overall, It's a family kind of drama which everyone will enjoy.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Thursday, August 27

Midweek outing with CG. After dinner, went to pitstop cafe. It was my first time there. I like the concept there. Was rather cool with photographs pasting all over the walls. Were there for the board games. Think we had a wonderful time! For me, the most important was the company. Winning is just secondary. Bring your friends there! =)

22 points!

25! Full marks!

Something random! Ai Jia did very well in 超級星光大道第五季! She's one of my favourite in campus superstar! Jiayou! I believe she will do singapore proud!

Wednesday, August 26

Had primary school outing after work! Wah. It's been so many years since I see them. Chill at swensens! It certainly bring back many memories! And Steve you really have a good good memory of remembering so many friends in MXPS. That's nice! Was kinda awkward at times each time the conversation stops. Thus, I started initiated topic to continue the conversation. Though just a few hours meetup, I enjoyed it to the max! Putting my troubles aside and spent time with them!

Then, Hung hsiang decided to alight eunos and had a drink with me. Nice chatting! And yeps. We got the same interest - photography! =D

Tuesday, August 25

Went to OPA to help out today. During the wait, it brings back certain memories I had in my training in HTA. Oh mine! No doubt.. There's good and bad memories. Be it good or bad, it was an experience which make me learn and grow. After which, got to makan with JT! Have a great chatting session with him. From which, I got to know him better. =)

Alright.. Won complimentary movie passes from HomeTeamNS. =D

Monday, August 24

After work, went to watch UP with Justin. I heard some people commented that the show was pretty dull while some others say otherwise. For me, I feel that it was quite alright for me. I will not say that its the best but not the worst either. As usual, this kind of typical film injected certain humourous scenes which made me LOL! Certain touching scenes which truely draw deep into my heart as well. The storyplot was somewhat unrealistic and never really flow well but its entertaining, funny and touching which covers up the weakness of it. Overall, it's great! =D

Ratings: 3.5/5

Something random, saw ex-mediacorp actor and project superstar contestant.

Happy birthday Elva Hsiao!
Happy birthday Fairul.

Sunday, August 23

Yesterday, went out with mum to settle some personal issues. Things to appear quite good at the moment. Hopefully, there's no more trouble.

After which, went to meet my aunt kiang and nephew - Kenneth. He's such a bright kid! He catch up things pretty fast. Once taught, he could do it on the spot easily without much difficulty. Though rarely meet, think he knew that I dote him. Thus, he's pretty close to me.

Then, to church combine service! Before that, had KFC with CG. =D Alright, and Luke was so enthu about taking pictures. Thus, had some photo session going on. The stage play was great as it relate closely to each and everyone of us during our daily life. The sermon make me think depth about things going on around me as well. =)

Grandma had bruises thus was sent to hospital today. I pray that she will be fine.

Friday, August 21

Had steamboat dinner with Manpower boys. Usual Crapping and stuff. Getting the prawn cooked was certainly a fun task to do! Many funny incident happens. How I just wish time will just rewind and play at the very moment which I was laughing out out non-stop. Nothing much more to comment I suppose if not it will be a damn emo entry about life again. lol.

Anyway, took pictures as well! Will be uploaded when I get hold of it.

Wednesday, August 19

CG was held yesterday evening at Vivo. As usual, singing and worship of song. Before that, it was game session. It was kinda fun! Then discuss about the topic: Character Counts. A interesting topic which leads many discussion going on.

Sentences in the passage made me think in depth - "Character is what you do when nobody is watching. Character is how you treat people who can do absolutely nothing for you. Character is how you react when the pressure is on. Character is deciding beforehand that you are going to do the right thing.

I think its pretty true. In the above situation, how will one reacts? It shows a person true character and personality at that very moment. I think its about integrity and values one ought to posses. Thinking, evaluating and making the right decision!

The imperative is to define what is right and do it! - Barbara Jordan

Sunday, August 16

'Special' service of part 2 was a fantastic one! I feel that I could relate even better than the week before. The video ads they played were certainly funny and interesting. It have unexpected ending that will never come across your mind. Then, the stage play was great! It includes humour elements which liven up the play. In life, treasure your love ones because you will never know what happen to you the very next moment!

Then, had dinner with my CG! =D And we went Istana park to chill for awhile. Melvin was really hyper with his game intro and the way he talks certainly make us =D. After that, they hint me about my belated birthday. I thought it will just be a normal celebration. But guess what?! I was task to do something. It's like playing treasure hunt! Was giving hints before reaching to my final destination!

Here's the list of items:
1. Hum. . . 23rd fret of the first string of guitar
2. $23 of items
3. Buy a ぎょうざ
4. NS 23
5. Justin and Dennis Rd

On the way. . . Walking to Yahama..

Went to yahama to look for clues. Seriously, I know nuts about guitar. Approach the friendly staff there and got to know what's 23rd fret is all about! I gain something new on counting the fret of a guitar! Then, I hum it 'zao siah' but still I pass the test.

Then, went to comic connection to look for $23 item. I look around quickly but do not seem to find anyting costing 23 bucks. I was given hint from Bruce stating cards. And I went back looking carefully again. I saw it! Initially, I was there but think I browse through too quickly without noticing something right infront of me.

When I see the next one. First thing came to my mind and it was daiso! Wanted to try my luck there to see whether anyone could read Jap. Louis told me it maybe drinks and I head right to the drink section. Then, was given hint again by Melvin stating that I'm looking something so wrong. I then approached the cashier and try my luck asking. And bingo! She's a Jap telling me that they do not sell this item. And I ask her, so what's that arh? She told me its dumpling!

Wanted to go basement but Melvin kindly lead me the direction to Yoshinoya. It never come across my mind that yoshi sell that. Alright, and I'm done with that. NS23 was pretty easy one. I knew what is that when I saw it. NS23 = North South 23 - Somerset! Since I guess it right, I need not go there.

The last one was pretty tough. Justin and Dennis Rd?! I really ponder what it is. Went to see the road map and I stare at it aimlessly. Without knowing it. I know something similar about their surname. But still do not get the link. Anyway, I think got it when I saw Koek Rd. Make my way there and I suddenly realised. Oh ya! Dennis one starts with a K. Have been thinking Justin's one instead of his.

And yeps. Reached the destination! Koek Rd!

Went looking for Justin. And they surprised me with a cake. I never expect it. Singing birthday song in 4 languages. It was funny. Then, make a wish. Started blowing my candle but it did not seems to cease because it was a relighting candle which required me to keep blowing and blowing.

Then, I told them how I feel about my CG and church. Seriously, I am not really good at words or should I say when I speak something I hope that its something presentable. Then, as a group they actually pray for me. Justin was the one who does it.

Thanks for the artpiece and words! like it! =)

Thanks Auguestine for the Ferrero Rocher!
Thanks Dio for the Hershey's Cake!