Saturday, February 23

- Working -

Been busy working at MJ for about a week. Get to gain certain new knowledge which was enriching. First few days, was not use to the long hour standing, searching/placing the CDs in first three alphabetical order and navigate the company system. Everything seems very new to me then. Made mistakes such as forgetting to return customer Nets after payment, misread DVD rental instead of VCD. Hopefully, I would not make such mistakes as times goes by.

It seems easy but its not. Besides that, have to learn cashier, payment of visa/master/nets, different DVD codes and etc. Did not know that it provide VCD/DVD rental -_-". Now, I think I am more familiar with it. The pay was not really high but the experience gain was enriching.

oh ya! - Support my brother for his community project - Fund raising . Thanks.

Thursday, February 21

- Results -

Results was published yesterday.
Did average for it. - Mostly Bs
Most of the grades were what I expected.
Daily grades pulled me down for certain modules.

Had some disappointment with FYP grades.
As a whole, I think I did quite good.
GPA improved but did not hit my target.

The BEST I did was Multimedia Authoring!! - Expected =)

Saturday, February 16

Are You Simply Goregous?

Joined the contest held by Simple Skin Care recently. Do cast votes for me at

Each voting participant is allowed to vote five times a day. Do remember to take the effort to vote for me each day. Thanks! Anyway, those interested can join too.

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*I look natural and have what it takes to be one!

Wednesday, February 13

- Carmen's Birthday Celebration -

Birthday gal & me

Celebrated her birthday at New york new york with the usuals. This was the first time to the restaurant. I like the ambience. The food tasted quite reasonable though I expected more from it. Had random chat with them mostly about our future to studies and army. Should have chatted more with daryl, sherman, ling, yee and eliz. Maybe for the next outing? After which, Walk along esplanade and I saw interesting and nice art pieces drawn by people for celebrating the rat year. Enjoyed the company with WT on the way back. Chatted loads with him. =)

Took loads of pictures, would upload when I get it. Click the following link to view ALL pictures & videos!


*credits to ling

Monday, February 11

- Job seeking -

These few days, spent time completing my resume and search for interested temp job online. The results shown were mostly admin jobs which was limited. However, just apply few of it. Today, went out with mum, accompany her see clothings and at the same time hunt for job. Kept looking out for job notice. Glad to see MJ needed retail assistant. Thus, applied for it. A while later, receive a call, did a short interview and I accept/got the job. Quite a distance and hours of working. Anyway, starting training on wednesday thursday and working on friday. Wish me luck.

Friday, February 8

- Chinese New Year -

New year eve
Get to do some last minute shopping with mum. After which, had reunion dinner with family. Enjoyed the new year variety shows as well.

New year Day 1
Went relative house to bai nian. Get to watch happy feet and chatted with my cousin. Many relatives came and their children all grown up. Had dinner at a HK cafe. Enjoyed the food and company! Then, went marina square to watch the new year programmes. Nice performance. View pics at my creations! =)

New year Day 2
Went to watch Ah Long pte ltd with family. The storyline and editing were not clear and precise. It's the normal kind of show Jack Neo would produce with same actors/actresses. Thus, there's not much suprise element there. However, certain parts of the show was pretty funny! Mark did a great job!

Happy Chinese New year to ALL! =)

Friday, February 1

- Last Day In RP -

A shot from me - Bye RP!

Time passes fast and it's time to say goodbye to RP.

Thinking about the past, I always complain about the dumb system they have (PBL). Year 1 was definitely a nightmare as I was new to it. Always get bad grades and kena shoot from peers. Wonder why there's a need for changing class each semester as well. However, as times goes by, I get used with it. Confidence level increased and scored well as times goes by. I could better adapt and work well with different peers too. I am glad to make wonderful friends and had many happy, crazy, fun moments. Am glad to pull through 3 years of study in RP. Thanks the lord for giving me helping hand when face obstacles. =)

Next step? Still uncertain about it. Either to study Uni, private Uni or to take photography part-time courses at nafa. It depends on my GPA and would only know at the end of feb. Before that, have to complete my NS first. -_-"