Friday, September 19

- Updates -

Last weekend, went out with Gary & Jing to have pizza hut! Been craving for that after my walk out that day. We ordered Pizza Hawaii couple meal. To my suprise, Jing do not know how to eat pizza. Felt kinda guilty for that. We ordered many food. Eat till damn full! Shiok sia! After which, went buying some stuff for my PA.

Went outing with e35D gang today, chill at breeks cafe. First time been to the restaurant, I find the desert reasonably nice. Had browie ice-cream as I had dinner at home. Random chatting about our current lifes. Felt that everyone is busy doing their own stuff. All the best in everything we do!

2nd week in HTA is quite alright. Think I can adapt to the place there. Cannot stand the push-up thingy during PT at times. FI is damn strict and I find that its something good and bad. I will put other comments in my heart about him. hiz. Did drill for the week as well. Thus far, I roughly knew the drill command. Hope to learn and catch up fast. IPPT next wednesday. I doubt I can pass but I will just compete it.

No time to waste! Outing tommorrow again! WEE!