Saturday, December 3

Met 4-ourz! earlier in the evening! Had our dinner at porn's! The one which was opened by Pornsak. We ordered different dishes to try the food there. Pineapple rice, Olive rice, Tom Yam Soup with chicken and Phat Thai. The best one I recommend will be Phat Thai! The portion was rather small as well. Total damage: $12 per person!

After which, proceed for the movie - You are the apple of my eye - 那些年 我們一起追的女孩!Great storyline with humorous scenes. It bring back certain memories which I once experience before. It relates more to the students and young adult out there. The story flows pretty well. It is so sad that 2 who once love each other did not get together. Thus, when the mutual feeling is there, grab the opportunity to let the other partner know before it is too late. Overall, it is one touching show!

Ratings: 4/5