Friday, June 16

[Media Invite] Misato - Savour High-Quality, Handcrafted Japanese Cuisine at Affordable Prices

Misato is a contemporary and chic Japanese restaurant primed to herald in a new era of  Japanese cuisine. The kitchen team comprises perfectionists who are committed to producing the best-quality food. Consistency and creativity are the hallmarks of their service.  Experience the pinnacle of creativity and taste in the art of Japanese here.

Seafood Kaminabe Set ($20.80)

The Seafood Kaminabe Set by Misato is one of the best selections for a hearty meal. With homemade niboshi broth, the Japanese hotpot comes with fresh tiger prawns, Norwegian salmon, chicken, assorted Japanese mushrooms, toufu and vegetables, completed with a bowl of Japanese rice. 

Okonomiyaki  ($14.90)

A savoury, fluffy pancake made from high-quality Japanese yam with crunchy Japanese cabbage in its  fillings. The crispy texture and enticing fragrance make this delightful dish hard to resist.

Mixed Fried Set ($18.80) 

A delightful offering with chicken, fresh tiger prawn and cheese korokke coated with fresh panko (bread crumbs), and crispy fresh Japanese shredded cabbage served at the side.  A medley of secret ingredients is coated on the skin to stimulate the flavours.

Handmade Gyoza
(S$6.90 for 6 pieces, S$10.90 for 10 pieces)

It comes with steamed chicken and vegetable dumplings, served grilled.

Cha Soba ($13.80)
For the light tasters, the Cha Soba is a labour of love by Misato. Served beautifully in a bento box, the refreshing flavour of Matcha noodles is enliven by Misato’s homemade dipping sauce.

Chawanmushi ($4.90)
The restaurant crafted its Chawanmushi to perfection, using homemade
dashi stock cooked from scratch. 

Sanshoku Warabi Mochi ($8.80)

Using high-quality ingredients air-flown directly from Japan, the Sanshoku Warabi Mochi are freshly
handmade  every  day,  and  the  entire  preparation  process  takes  approximately 2 hours.

Kuzukiri ($8.80)

The  soft  and  smooth  Japanese  arrowroot slippery noodles is served cold together with the appetizing kuromitsu dipping sauce.  

To make its Hot  Matcha (S$6.50), Matcha Ice-Blended (S$8.80), Matcha Bavarois (S$7.80) and other matcha-related dishes, the restaurant uses a highly exclusive powder imported from Nara prefecture -  Misato is the 1st in Singapore to use this ingredient.

The Centrepoint
#01-33E (Level 1, in Gastro+ area, beside Coffee Bean) 
Singapore 238843