Thursday, October 27

Met LG mates earlier in the evening. Something caught my attention when this topic arise: Doing well outwardly but personally, you did not follow the ways and truth of God words when you are alone or to say that no one is looking at you.

Seriously, I have been thinking and evaluating this issue in my life quite awhile. I can fall into temptation, distraction and at certain situation, I tend to be such a person. Be it the good or bad intakes, I am easily influence by peers and loved ones. I know I cannot be perfect but I wanted to be more and more like God.

I am thankful to have God who loves me and accept for who I am. However, I tend to take his love and mercy for granted by disobeying him and fall. It is like a cycle where I seek for his forgiveness and fall again and again.

I believe that I have to spend more ample time doing my quiet time and pray like never before. It is wonderful to pray for both good and bad times. Though it is not always how it turn out to be but I trust and have faith that he has a good plan for us ahead.