Sunday, May 17

[Media Invitation] Savour Fuku's New Offerings of Fugu Hotpots & Shabu A5 Beef Hotpot‏

Was invited to a media tasting: Savour Fuku's New Offerings of Fugu Hotpots & Shabu A5 Beef Hotpot‏ at FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restuarant! I liked its ambiance and dinning concept which was similar to Japan.

FUKU is the first restaurant in Singapore that specializes in fugu - Pufferfish. The team at the helm has over 20 years of experience and specialises in the preparation of fugu. Here at FUGU, patrons can be whisked away to Shimonoseki, billed as the world's fugu capital. The premium delicacy Torafugu can be found here. 

One factor that accounts for the growing attraction to the pufferfish is the myriad of health benefits it boasts. Fugu is low in fat content but is a rich source of protein. The skin contains a superb level of collagen as well! 

Fugu simmered in a sweet soy sauce

A good appetiser to have before starting your main meal!

Thinly sliced Fugu Sashimi (てっさ)

The thinly sliced Sashimi was fresh with its beautiful artwork presented. The texture was okay though it was slightly chewy for me. 

Fugu sushi (ふぐ寿司)

I liked the Fugu that complement pretty well with its cooked vinegared rice. It give you a good punch when you munch it. Definitely goes well with your usual soy sauce and wasabi!

Deep fried Fugu (唐揚げ)

This dish tasted good and I liked it pretty much! The seasoning for this fried Fugu was tasty and not too flavourful. It was crispy on its outside and tender on its inside. It could have been better if they remove the bones for better experience.

 Fugu Japanese Style Porridge

The porridge tasted light with its flavoured egg added in it. If you would like some saltiness and sourness to the dish, you can add in Shio Konbu (Salted kelp).

Fugu Shirako

Soya Bean Hot Pot

The Soya Bean Hot pot was creamy and tasted sweet in flavour. The broth was alright for me as it was not that flavourful. I enjoyed the log fulvous flower mushroom! A healthy delicacy with beauty benefits! 

Shabu A5 Beef Hotpot

I liked these A5 beef imported from Miyazaki! The texture of its beef  was awesome that it simply melts in your mouth! You have to try this if you visit this restaurant! 

Both these hotpots are selling at $70++ per pot!

You may wish to know that for the month of June 2015, Fugu will be holding a special promotion. Each pot goes at $60++!

14 Mohamed Sultan Road 
#01-01 Singapore 238963
Tel: 6235 8216
Opening Hours: 6pm – 11pm (Daily)