Tuesday, November 26


‘Disclosed’ revolves around a group of Public Relations (PR) specialists who helps high society clients perform damage control and maintain a favourable image. The team is led by computer forensic expert, Wen Chang Yu (Huang Teng Hao), who is highly intelligent and will resort to all means to crack a case. He looks like an optimist but he is actually bothered by a secret until he meets righteous Kuang Yun Xiang (Jesseca Liu). Bound by a superior-subordinate relationship, because of their differences in opinions, Chang Yu and Yun Xiang will often bicker with each other. Gradually, they fall in love. ‘Disclosed’ is a concept derived from true accounts of social media cases involving Internet fraud and cybercrimes, where a secret is never a secret as long as social media exist. Each case will cover 2 to 3 thrilling episodes.


The story was refreshing and most of the time I enjoyed watching this genre of drama (mystery, suspense and thriller). I realised the plot was pretty similar to a English drama series: the lying game.

Though the story-line was different, there were certain similarities in each cases. Only differences was that 'Disclosed' injected more on Internet fraud. Since both drama were about hidden secrets, there are bound to be similarities. 

Certain cases kept me in suspense thinking why and how a particular incident actually happened. It kept me going on to follow up each episode. Nice unexpected twist towards to end. Fantastic acting capability from Jesseca Liu! I thought she handled her emotion and expression pretty well! 

And yup, both drama left a mystery for the viewers out there to guess. 

Ratings: 3.4/5