Saturday, February 4

[Media Invitation] Kuro Maguro Offers Largest Range of Maguro Donburi in Singapore

Maguro 3-Cut Sashimi ($38)

Kuro Maguro is a purveyor of the best-value maguro donburi and sashimi offerings in town. The concept is by Misaki Megumi Suisan, a renowned wholesaler of tuna, maguro and fish products in Japan. Hence, Kuro Maguro can curate the top-quality and freshest tuna from the trawler directly, keeping its prices affordable for the masses.

“Kuro Maguro” translates to bluefin tuna. In Japan, the bluefin tuna is consumers’ most beloved fish for sushi and sashimi. It is one of the most expensive varieties - in fact, just recently, a bluefin tuna fetched a 74.2-million-yen price tag at an auction held in Tsukiji market, Tokyo.

Sansyoku Meshi ($32.80)

Toro Aburi Meshi ($32.80)

Kama Grilled ($34)

Kuro Maguro insists on using meat culled from blue fins that weigh a minimum of 280kg. These fishes have a good amount of fat as well as lean meat. The restaurant imports the fish directly from Misaki Port to Singapore via ANA air freight. It also uses a technique called super frozen (超低温) to freeze its maguro. As soon as the fishes are caught on ship, they are kept frozen at – 60 degrees Celsius.  As such, absolute freshness is a guarantee.

At Kuro Maguro, you can enjoy 18 best-value and premium donburi that rival top Japanese restaurants’. There are also delicious sashimi donburi options to choose from.

Kuro Maguro
Tanjong Pagar Centre
Singapore 078884