Saturday, February 25

[Tasting Invitation] the.twenty.cavan

The.twenty.cavan is a modern cuisine restaurant with strong Chinese influences. Its rustic dining area may be mistaken for a lightbulb showcase because the owners wanted to decorate it in such a way as to acknowledge Jalan Besar’s association with lighting shops. Andrew and Alex, are the owners and are both professional chefs.

Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab with curry chicken floss ($9)

Red Rice Braised Pork Ribs with roasted vegetables ($20)

A rather unique dish as red rice is not often seen in menus. The ribs was tender with the rice texture similar to a glutinous rice.

Canton Roast Chicken with homemade Thai chili sauce and black rice ($18)

The walnuts added crunch to the dish.

Crispy Fish & Chips ($17)

Batter was slightly thick but thankfully, the fish was fresh. It may not look presentable, but the freshness made up for it. It could have been better if there is dip in mayo for its dry texture.

Cavan Breakfast ($18)

It consists of brioche, bacon, pork bratwurst, sautéed button mushrooms, corn kernels and choice of eggs. A rather hearty breakfast perhaps?

Chicken Galangal Rice Bowl ($18)

A healthy dish to give it a try maybe?

Stir-fried Blueberry Lamb Chop with cous cous ($20)

The lamp chop was really tender, nicely coated with the sweetness of blueberry sauce.

Matcha Pudding with mixed berries, black sesame cream and a dollop of pulut hitam ($7)

Pumpkin Yam Puree with chilled coconut cream ($8)

Smooth and almost liquidy texture with both yam and pumpkin blended thoroughly. The hint of coconut added fragrance.

20 Cavan Road