Saturday, March 4

[Media Invite] Starker Bistro tasting session

Stärker Bistro is a distinctive bistro starring Stärker Fresh Beer. With a long-standing history behind Starker Fresh Beer, we introduced German signature roasts as well as popular international dishes and food trends to inculcate a true beer drinking culture with Starker Fresh Beer. We have an extensive menu serving hand-crafted pizzas, delectable appetisers, scrumptious main courses as well as sweets for dine-in. A list of wines, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages is available at all Stärker Bistros.

Starker Fresh Beer
half-pint ($8.90) one pint ($16.90) 2L barrel ($63.90) 5L barrel ($148)

Starker Fresh Beer is an unpasteurized, unfiltered fresh beer that contains brewer's yeast to preserve its freshness and natural taste. It is served straight from the barrel and best consumed at 3 degree celsius.

Classic Wings ($10.80)

Golden brown chicken wings marinated in Starker beer and seasoning. This is definitely recommended! I love it pretty much.

Seafood Aglio Olio ($22.80)

In frame, is the seafood aglio olio with my favourite linguine! A mix of mussels, prawn & scallops in sliced garlic, olive oil & chilli. Luvin' it!

Traditional Pork Knuckle ($38.80)

Marinated with Starker secret recipe and roasted to perfection. Served with creamy mash, Starker beer sauce and house salad.

Chili Crab Sliders ($16.80)

Golden brown soft shell crab, served on a toast buttered bun. Topped with Singapore-style chili crab sauce.

88 East Coast Road