Thursday, March 9

[Media Invite] Experience The Revolutionary Halotherapy at Breathya

Breathya, launched in August 2016, is a multi-specialty wellness centre which uses crystallized salt to provide natural drugless therapy to those suffering from respiratory and skin conditions. Breathya believes in providing a complete experience- consultation, diagnosis and therapy. They conduct salt therapy sessions using the latest technology under professional supervision.

Breathya, located at Parkway Centre, focuses on providing salt therapy treatments especially for individuals with respiratory and skin conditions. This therapy treatment is 100% drugless and risk-free that involves a relaxing session in an enclosed salt room (with salt crystals, controlled air & humidity). It provides long term relief from various respiratory and skin related conditions.

Each session lasts about 1 hour and it takes approximately 4 sessions to see improvements in your condition. My virgin try to such a treatment and I illterallty fell asleep for that moment. Such a relaxing treatment! Single Halotherapy session for new customers begins at $60 (for adult) and $55 (for child); Packages begin at $450 (for adult) and $400 (for child).

1 Marine Parade Central
Parkway Centre
Singapore 449408