Monday, March 27

[Tasting Invite] Portico Host Brunch Menu Tasting

Wagyu Beef Burger

Think of the caramelise spanish onion, vine tomato, camembert cheeses & fries! Luvin' the peanut sauce which gave a punch to this already good dish.

Portico's host big breakfast pan

A portion which you could consider sharing it with your partner. 
Are you feeling hungry already?

Rosti with Lava Egg

Poached eggs on crispy rosti!


Fresh Berries, Maple Yogurt, Oats, Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruits.
Luvin' this fresh combination!

Fluffy Hot Cake

Maple Mascarpone, Assorted of Fresh Berries, Oat Crumbs, Sunflower Seed's, Petit Green's.

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