Saturday, September 8

- Filming Day -

A shot while waiting. . .

Get to have the chance to be an extra, acting in Fann Wong's upcoming movie (Dance of the dragon).. Reached the location at about 8.45am and the filming for us started like about 2 plus?! It's like wasting time there waiting for our turn.. The people there were damn so particular in dressings/hairdo which turns my mum and me off..

The dance floor people such as Vas & Pris and Melvin & Sharon were involved, dancing in the show.. Their dance moves were great but I prefer Vas & Pris moves as it looks more organized and professional.. Almost the end of it, get to see Fann Wong!! But, it was only a glimpse.. Most likely can see her tomorrow I suppose..

Thinking about previous experience, only a glimpse of us could be seen on TV so we think it's not a need to be so particular about it.. Besides that, it would not look good dressing so nice in a so-so ballroom.. The seat was sama like the one in NDP.. -_-" Luckily, the shot lasted not that long.. Tomorrow would be another long day from 7am to about 7pm.. Wonder why to be there so early when started to film our part in the noon.. ?? ?? ??

However, food were provided for breakfast, dinner and tea-break.. There were also some cute girls around for me to see as well which somehow covers up certain bad points listed..