Saturday, September 3

Finished watching Love Keeps Going 美乐。加油! I think this drama is decent. Though it is a typical kind of taiwan idol drama but this one here is not draggy. I like how the story flows and it is more about Mei Le (Cyndi Wang) story from young till she grown up. Her positive and never-give-up attitude made her even a better person!

Most cast are my favourites! Cyndi Wang and Mike He acted very well with their given roles! I think Cyndi acting improve tremendously.

Some interesting quotes I learned:

世界上没有无条件的信任 但如果你够了解一个人的话 你就知道
他有什么事情会做 什么事情不会做。

如果没有经历过失去, 永远不知道,曾经拥有的是多么珍贵的东西。

Happy ending indeed! (:

Next show to watch: 料理情人夢!! 吳克群!! Kenji Wu! (:

Ratings: 3/5