Sunday, September 1

        01. 天使之翼
02. 被自己綁架
03. 孤獨是一種安全感 
04. 勇敢很好 
05. 顛倒
06. 不被祝福的幸福 
07. 小聰明 
08. 魚鰓
09. 一小節休息 
10. 匆忙人生 

Previewed 楊丞琳 Rainie latest album - 天使之翼. This album portrayed another side of her with her image and style. She has been constantly improving in her vocals in every album. A versatile artiste who can not only sing but also host and act. 

The recommended track from me will be: 勇敢很好不被祝福的幸福小聰明 and 匆忙人生.

Signing off with her hit song, which was my favourite from this album!