Sunday, December 7


Watched 《幸福快遞》Love Transplantation earlier this afternoon. Both my favourite celebrities - Genie Chuo and Enson Chang are the leading cast thus I decided to catch this film. Been looking forward to this show since the released in year 2013. Finally I watched it online!

Personally, I felt that the plot was simple and heart-warming. A fast-pace film that requires my observation in order to catch the entire plot. The flow could have been better with its stitching from scenes to scenes. In this romance show, I could see many emotions being put forth that portrayed the value and importance of kinship. Also, it injected certain humour elements which lighten this heavy hearted show a little. 

Overall, a decent and touching romance film to catch!

Ratings: 3.15/5

卓文萱 - 期待,愛

Ending with this movie theme song which was closely related to this film!