Tuesday, December 30

An out of luck writer, Sun Zhen (Ella Chen) accidentally discovered a recluse famous writer who died at home. At first, she used his identity and finished his book for money. But as she continued her presence, she becomes addicted to the money, fame, power and most importantly, respect and worship her new identity brings. She is unable to pull herself out.

When she realizes none of it actually belongs to her, she starts to destroy the reputation of the writer. But as she deliberately writes poorly, her books surprisingly sold more.

Just completed watching 謊言遊戲. Honestly, this Taiwan drama reminded me of the american series - The Lying game. Coincidentally, Both drama are based on novels, carrying same English title. 

Personally, I felt that the plot was decent and quite refreshing. The initial episode of this series was interesting and well crafted. In each episode, I got to see how the characters lie, for their own advantages. When a lie occurs, there will sure be more to hide and cover. With that, it kept me in good suspense what could happen to each character that was affected. 

As the story continues, it appear slightly draggy but it was still watchable. Many hidden truth began to piece up even when the lying game continues. The emotions put forth was awesome too. Even for the finale, the lying mechanism was nicely injected. As usual, for this genre of drama, the ending was left open-ended for the audience.

Ratings: 3.55/5