Saturday, December 6



Finished reading 打噴嚏 A Choo novel by 九把刀. Previously, I read cafe waiting love 等一个人咖啡 and I thought it was pretty good! Thus, decided to read this book written by the same author.

Personally, I felt that this novel was rather interesting and heart-warming. The story plot was simple and classic on its own. It revolved only a few characters; each has its own ambition and all worked equally hard to achieve them. 

The main characters are 義智,心心, 建漢 and 可洛. The most aspiring character will be 義智. As his love life may not appear positive, He still carry on with his dreams and persevere on. It depict how He yearn to be a hero to win a girl's heart. While reading, many boxing choreography were introduced about its practice and strategies. I thought it was refreshing with imagination only through words. 

An unexpected ending as I did not expect this to happen 義智. However, I thought the love He has given to 心心 will always be greatly appreciated by her.

A good romance fiction story that revolved about superhero and its power. It most likely will appeal to guys as it involved boxing and superheros. Am looking forward watching this film soon! Hope it will be screened in Singapore!

Ratings: 3.85/5