Saturday, July 23

[Media Invitation] Miam Miam New Soup & Hot Pan Baked Roll

Miam Miam has expanded its line-up of offerings with the launch of its Hot Pan Baked Rolls. These offerings are the sustenance that will fuel Singaporeans throughout the day! There are three options to choose from: Alaskan King Crab; Sautéed Miso Chicken; and Grilled Shogayaki Pork. The rolls are baked and served piping hot in a hot pan from the oven to your table upon every order. Crispy on the edges and super delicious all around, they are bound to delight local gourmands.

 Alaskan King Crab

A French bread roll stuffed with crab chunks, fresh Australian spinach and king oyster mushrooms. 

 Sautéed Miso Chicken

Boasting Japanese sensibilities, the Sautéed Miso Chicken showcases sautéed chicken breast slices, zucchini and carrots. The miso sauce is flavourful which adds punch to this dish!

Grilled Shogayaki Pork

Equally pleasing is the Grilled Shogayaki Pork, which houses succulent pork fillet, juicy cherry tomatoes and crunchy asparagus. Enlivening all three baked rolls is homemade gratin sauce, which has a creamy consistency. 

 Onsen Egg Mushroom Soup

The Onsen Egg Mushroom Soup is a rich and earthy soup filled with button and shiitake mushroom chunks. An enticing onsen egg of wonderfully smooth texture floats on it. 

 French Chicken Soup

The French Chicken Soup is a bowl of nourishment. Oven-roasted chicken chunks impart a mild smoky flavour. Refried pinto beans are added as well, and they are a great source of protein.

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