Saturday, July 16

[Media Invitation] Steam Box Brings Hong Kong’s hottest food trend “Steam-Potting” to Singapore

Steam Box is a brand-new steam hot pot specialist that is Hong Kong's hottest food trend "SteamPotting". This is a new way of enjoying steamboat in Singapore. Nestled in Serangoon Garden, this restaurant embraces high-speed steaming, a new-edge  dining experience that is loved by many celebrities in Hong Kong. It takes about two to six minutes for a dish to be cooked.

The restaurant uses a high-speed steaming technology to cook a wide array of ingredients, from seafood to meat and dim sum. This sophisticated innovation has cut a swath in the food industry, and is a trusted tool for many top chefs in Hong Kong. The steaming process locks in the natural juices and nutrients of the ingredients, accentuating the final flavour of the dish. Delicate and gratifying, each dish excites with a light yet robust taste.

There are also different condiments for you to mix and match and create your own dipping sauce. This includes Sambal Sauce, Seafood Spicy & Sour  Sauce and Black Pepper Meat Sauce, all of  which are specially prepared by the chefs at Steam Box. 

Similar to a hot pot experience,  all the ingredients are brought to the table raw. They are then freshly steamed - not  boiled - before your eyes using the innovative culinary technique of high-speed steaming. Traditional steamboats tend to leave an unctuous layer of fat and scum after protracted cooking - there is none of that at Steam Box.

Using steam cooking ensures that all the natural juices and nutrients of the ingredients are sealed in. In turn, the dishes boast a light yet robust flavour. With this cooking technique, the restaurant promises a healthy indulgence. The essence and juices of these fresh ingredients are all collected below the steaming plate to cook the accompanying congee, which caps off the hearty meal.

You can also enjoy innovative dim sum dishes that are steamed upon order at your table! Tuck into interesting choices of dim sum dishes such as Chicken Bundle with Yam & Carrot, Pumpkin Crystal Dumpling and Otah Siew Mai. The Creamy Egg Custard Bun,with its luscious molten liquid, is bound to delight.

Steam Box
68 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555964