Saturday, November 13

Today church service was great! Once again, the sermon discuss really relates to one's heart closely. Seek God's face instead of his hand. We should learn to communicate with God more and not only seek him only when in need. I think its true that we should share not only our troubles but also our happiness. Thank God for loving and accepting who we are. Thus, we should do the same for the others as well. Since our loving God can do it so we should also try to be more and more like him!

Then, went to have dinner at ibis hotel - TASTE Restaurant, the one which I won few months ago. The voucher entitles me to bring 10 guests for the dinner. I invited my family and relative there. At the same time, early birthday celebration for my brother. The food there tasted reasonably well with friendly waiters. Had great time!

Thanks Ibis Hotel for the treat! (: