Monday, April 4

[Media Invitation] Old Boys Gallery Tapas Bar & Restaurant Food Tasting

OBG (Old Boys Gallery) is a shophouse bistrobar near Outram train station at Kampong Bahru, Singapore.
OBG concoct charming fusion creations – hearty mains and delightful tapas – a culmination of the best of East meets West, that pairs perfectly with the wide array of beer available. The beers, yes, the beers. From our smooth draft Kirin hailing from Japan to (Insert particular brand from Europe), you get the best of the world, right here in this small dot (Beside 小红点). 

Manster Burger (Beef)

The burger is stacked Cheese, bacon, egg and caramelised onions! 
What a great combination! The beef itself is juicy and nicely prepared!

 Belly Good Burger
Pork belly braised till meltingly tender, complemented well with 
onion rings, pineapples, bacon, cheese and egg!

Bak Kwa Risotto

A rather creative dish indeed. It could have been better if the bak kwa has a better texture. 
If you want to try something interesting, you can give this a try!

 Spam Chips

 Chilli Beef Fries

 Potato Head

 OBG Wings

It tasted rather good on its own! The marination could have been improved as 
there isn't much taste on the interior.

     Luvin' this form your own triplets bites! Crispy porky, crab cake and vongole bianco!

Devil's Double Chocolate

Chocolate lovers, you will not want to miss this dessert!

 Earl Grey Cake with Lavender Cream

Coconut Cake with gula melaka

If you ask me, I will definitely choose this over the Earl Grey Cake. 
Actually, both has its own distinctive taste. You will certainly adore either one!

Old Boys Gallery 
67 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169371