Thursday, April 21

[Media Invitation] Mo'mor: Contemporary Izakaya that Promises a Spellbinding, Japanese-European-inspired Charm

Mo’mor is a modern izakaya with Japanese-European-inspired elements. Helmed by veteran Chef Martin Woo, it serves delectable tapas and grilled plates in the cosy enclave of Tanglin. It uses only the most premium and freshest ingredients in its dishes, and boasts indoor and alfresco settings for a full dining experience for family and friends alike.
Introducing Mo’mor, a contemporary izakaya concept that boasts a Japanese-European  charm  and  promises  an  exquisite  gourmet  experience.  Nestled  in the  cosy enclave of Tanglin, the restaurant doles out delectable tapas and grills at affordable prices. Exuding a congenial and calm vibe as well as boasting indoor  and  alfresco  settings, Mo’mor  makes  an ideal address for family gatherings.   

The canape that was served:-
Kani Remoulade
Berico Pork Jowl
Scallop Tartar

Particularly, I enjoyed the scallop tartar for its savoury taste and texture.

Botan Ebi

A dish that stands out on its own. If you are adventure enough, you may consider trying it? Fresh raw prawns for you maybe?


This dish is definitely the highlight for the tasting! The oyster are fresh and it complement well with the citrus jelly! I adore it pretty much.
 Sword Fish Belly

I adore the presentation of this particular dish. 
It was nicely prepared with a relatively good texture. 

Soft Shell Crab

It tasted okay though the exterior could have been more crisp, for a better dining experience.

Hokkiado Scallop
Yet another delicacy not to be missed.
 "Unagi" Japanese Eel

Black Angus Ribeye

Saikyo Miso Chicken

The chicken was nicely grilled. Surprisingly, it complement well with the pumpkin puree!

Hasselback Potato

Melon Gazpacho

If you enjoy a blend between sour and sweet, you will enjoy this dessert! Melon gazpacho + berries salsa + raspberry sorbet = great combination!

And yup, Priscelia Chan is there for the opening as well! It was nice to see her there. A humble and down-to-earth artiste (:

56 Tanglin Rd
Tanglin Post Office (Opposite Tanglin Mall) 
Singapore 247964