Friday, April 29

[Media Invite] Official Media Launch of CRAVE, where Adam Road's Nasi Lemak Meets Amoy Street's Teh Tarik

CRAVE is a food establishment that houses the famous Adam Road nasi lemak by  Selera  Rasa and famous Amoy Street teh tarik from Rafee’s  Corner.  Here is where Singaporeans and tourists can
enjoy a comforting combination that pays tribute to the nation’s rich food and beverage heritage. 

Indulge  in  fit-for-royalty  nasi  lemak  and  well-acclaimed  teh tarik at CRAVE’s newest outlet in ION Orchard. Operated by Pezzo Group, the largest pizza kiosk operator in Singapore, CRAVE is an establishment that houses Adam Road nasi lemak by Selera Rasa as well as Amoy Street teh tarik  from  Rafee’s Corner under one roof. Strategically located in ION Orchard, the newly minted fourth outlet offers convenient access for gourmands all over Singapore to enjoy the two classics.

Set A $4.90 - Fish Meal (Nasi Lemak with Kunning Fish and Egg)
Set B $4.90 - Fish Fillet Meal (Nasi Lemak with Fish Fillet & Bergedil)
Set C $5.90 - Full House (Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing and Egg)

Set D $5.90 - Chicken Cutlet Meal (Nasi Lemak with Chicken Cutlet and Egg)
Set E $6.90 - Royal Rumble Meal (Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing, Bergedil & Fish)
A mouth-watering combination of its four premium staples prepared using Abdul Malik Bin Hassan’s (owner of Selera Rasa) family recipe that has been passed down over generations: Fluffy Basmati Rice; Fragrant Sambal Chilli; Crispy Chicken Wing; and Fresh Otah Otah.

The chefs use the basmati rice to create piping hot bowls of fragrant coconut rice. Teaming with the  rice is the Crispy Chicken Wing: its enticing exterior crackles with every bite and the tender inside provides a great mouth feel. The bergedil also tasted pretty great on its own!

Teh Tarik
The right blend of tea dust decides the richness and taste of teh tarik. And yup, this cup of teh tarik is tasty and a perk-me-up beverage!

Crave @ ION Orchard 
Singapore 238801