Sunday, April 3

[Media Invitation] Presenting the Present & Past Favorites - Rice & Fries

The restaurant is led by former head chef Ken Chia, who honed his culinary skills at the most prestigious and demanding hotel restaurants of The Ritz Carlton, The Fullerton and Crowne Plaza Hotel. He opted to settle into his role of a husband, father and Chef Owner at Rice&Fries, with aims of sprucing up the east of Singapore with quality Western cuisine. 

Sitting sprightly at the junction of Frankel Avenue and Changi Road – smacked between a string of modern eateries and old school street hawkers – is Rice&Fries, a resto-café that serves up beautiful global flavours with unpretentious and wholesome local fervour. Expect generous portions of soups, salads, steaks, topped with rice or fries, pastas and desserts, made with love and served with joy. 

Local eatery Rice&Fries celebrates the New Year with a launch on a brand new menu, featuring favourite classics and fresh innovative creations.

Mushroom Cappuccino and Tomato Soup

If you prefer a stronger flavour, you will definitely enjoy this broth. 
Honestly, it tasted rather flavourful for my taste bud.

Chilli Soft Shell Crab

I adore its crisp exterior of the soft shell crab. The chilli gravy is not too spicy and it definitely complement well with bun and crab. An appetising dish not to miss.

 Corn tortillas chip

It is served with some home made sauce that is pretty tasty.  
A good snack to munch before your mains arrive.

Spam Fries (with salted egg sauce)

The spam fries are nicely prepared with a good exterior texture. I would advise you to dip it in with the salted egg sauce instead of dripping it in. 

 Truffle Fries

Definitely one of the bites that I enjoyed most. It was served hot with good texture. The truffle taste is light and complement well as a whole.

 Poached Salmon

A nicely presented dish. The salmon is nicely prepared with a good texture.
It tasted not too salty nor blend.

Salted Egg Prawn Pasta

The salted egg pasta was okay though its texture could have been enhanced. However, the deep-fried prawns are carefully prepared with good texture.

Pork Chop (Pork Collar)

It was well-marinated. Only a pity that the meat is rather tough for one to indulge.

Crab Risotto

It tasted slightly flavourful for me. If you adore a stronger taste to your dish,
you will certainly enjoy this more.

Lamb Shank

Luvin' this nicely-prepared lamb shank that is tender and tasty! 


Rainbow Cheesecake

Chocolate Lava Cake

Nothing will go wrong with chocolate! Chocolate lovers will certainly enjoy it!

Waffle with Double scoops of Ice-cream

Matcha Lava Cake
If you are a matcha lover, you may wish to give this a try!

484 Changi Road (off Frankel Avenue) 
Singapore 419896