Monday, June 23

eSynchrony gives you the best of online dating along with a personal matchmaker! First, do a comprehensive personality quiz that eSynchrony matching system will provide you with matches that is based on a compatible profile and personality pairing.

Rather than spend all your time sending out messages in which you get limited or long drawn responses from, in eSynchrony, you can simply indicate to them which match do you wish to go on date with.

How do this dating online site work?

Before eSynchrony matching system could a find compatible matches for your approval, you will have to take a quiz to reveal your personality type first.

eSynchrony matches singles based on an in-depth compatibility profiling and is not just based on a simple check list of likes and dislikes. The eSynchrony matchmaking algorithm and profiling that is also based on 15 areas of compatibility. Some important factors I will look into will be:

- Physical Attributes

- Interests and Passions

- Values and Beliefs

- Money Attitudes

- Admiration

These few attributes are important and is a key to a successful relationship.

Personally, I felt that the quiz questions were thorough and might take time to complete. However, this process will analyze your personality.The matching system will then do the work and find compatible matches for you. Although many questions were pose, most of it were MCQs.

A dating consultant will then call you to explain more about eSynchrony to complete the profiling. I felt that the gesture was thoughtful because it help one to clarify any doubts.

After you have completed the quiz, a profile page will be set up for you. You can then navigate to see your matches as well.

Here are some of the matches for me according to the criteria I have listed. You can click to view your matches profile to find out more about them. 

They will also analyze my character based on the quiz I have done. I can see this report on my matches profile page. On the other hand, they can view it on my page to find out more about me as well.

eSynchrony is launched by the same team that brought us Lunch Actually (Asia’s premier lunch dating agency). Thus, it is reputable and credible.

Hope to find a compatible partner? Why not register yourself to eSynchrony? Who knows you may find your special one soon!

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