Sunday, June 29

Rookie detective Natsuki Sawara joins the Ginza Police Station as the top student from his class, and finds himself face-to-face with his father Akimura Shimao, a top detective in the same station who left Sawara when he was just a child. Will father and son be able to set aside their bitter past – and different personalities when it comes to dating – and work together?

Finished watching the series of Bitter Blood. Personally, I felt that the plot was pretty good! The story flow well with different cases for the detectives to solve in each episode. I enjoyed watching the process of how the detectives solved the cases not only through evidence but also logical thinking. Also, there were humor elements in this entire series as well.

Both the father and son were put together as partner working on various cases. Though they had family dispute in the past, they were rather cooperative when it comes to work. Through each cases they been through, it strengthen their kinship to another level. Thus, it injected the importance of kinship and kept viewers reminded of that.

Watabe Atsuro, Sato Takeru and Kutsuna Shiori acted well with their given roles. The other characters did good also. As usual, I am impressed by Japanese celebrities expressive acting capabilities.

Bitter Blood theme song - Do you ever shine?

The finale was exciting yet heart-warming. Overall, a well-package drama not to be missed!

Ratings: 4.45/5