Tuesday, November 13

Initially, did not watch this drama - Game Plan 千方百计 when it was shown on television. However, decided to catch this since most of my colleagues are discussing about the story. Gary roughly told me that it is about cheating and lying. When I heard that, it reminds me of this show -  Liar Game. Liar Game is the genre of show that I like!

The story started quite similar to Liar Game. The character of Xin Tong, Hao Ren & Mo Yan are similar to the character of Nao, Akiyama & Katsuragi. Only those who watched both the show will truly understand what I meant. 

The story flow quite well with smart strategy plan and plot. There is a twist as the story moves on which capture the viewers attention, making it a little more exciting. However, towards the finale, I feel that it is rather draggy. Certain scenes are redundant. 

Kudos to Jessica Liu & Christopher Lee. They have been acting together as the lead since secrets for sale 拍卖. Think they had wonderful chemistry. However, I think should give other actor/actress a chance to act in good shows, they acted before. The other cast like Shaun Chen & Chris Tong acted reasonably well too!

Overall, it is a good drama.

Ratings: 3.45/5