Thursday, November 1

Finished watching this drama - 幽灵. Was introduced by my colleagues that this is a mysterious thriller show, which was my type of genre! Thus, decided to catch it! 

The plot was good because it keep viewers in suspense to think and figure out on the issues encountered - be it people or evidence. It flows well with clear flash back scenes to fix the mystery with the present one. It started off with betray, hatred and revenge. Sad ending at the last episode when the truth is revealed.

Since this is a cyber investigation drama, it reminded one how powerful technologies can be. To the extent, do not good to one another just by a click. It shows the everyday life of a policemen and tell us to live it up as a good cop if you are one!

Great acting from the 2 main cast! Lee Yeon Hee & So Ji Sub! I think the other cast did a great job too!

If you are into police investigation mystery thriller, this is a good drama I will recommend you!

Ratings: 3.8/5