Sunday, March 7

Despite having flu, I still went for CG. Never did I expect it was a combine CG. It's been a while I last seen the other group people. Nice to know that they are doing well. This time round, we went for kite flying at Marina Barrage. It was like a continuation from last week where we created our own kites.

Time for our kite flying, while the other group happily enjoying their food, our group tried flying kites. However, it did not work out well! Thanks Dennis, Wee Lic, Ying Han for the help of our kites! Not to forget Wen Wei who modified one of our kite, making it flying high up to the sky. Feel that Justin and JX did were kinda creative in their kite making. Thanks HY for the encouragement prayer as well. Though the kites did not work out well for most of us, I feel that the process was enjoyable. Nice catch up but terrible weather! Sometimes in life, its not only about the result but process isn't it?