Saturday, October 25

Finished reading cafe waiting love 等一个人咖啡 novel. Honestly, I never read a novel before but decided to give it a try because of the good reviews. There is also a film for it but I have yet to catch it. I heard the movie follows rather closely though there was some slight differences.

Personally, I felt that this novel was interesting and light-hearted. The story flow was well though certain parts may appear to be slightly draggy. Many characters were being introduced in the book; each has its own character and talent. The main characters were Si-ying, A-Tuo and Zeyu. I adore the character of A-Tuo who is a sociable person that can get along well with almost everyone He met. 

While reading this novel, A-Tuo brought Si-ying to meet his friend from different walk of life. The story behind of him getting to know them was interesting. From there, the story goes on with the different characters being introduced. 

And amazingly, The characters were the ones who hinted Si-ying that in fact all this while, A-Tuo was the one for her. Initially, she was interested in Zeyu but realised that He was not the one for her. The ending was quite predictable but it ended well with everyone finding their true love. 

小小的咖啡店里, 每个人都在等一个人。

Raings: 3.65/5