Saturday, October 11

When I was 17-years-old, Maria was a college student and worked as a private tutor. Her student was me. She left a last massage to me, "when you graduate from college and become an adult, can you become my lover?," and then she disappeared. 10 years later, I meet her again. She is now a suspect in a serial murder case and I am a lawyer.

Finished watching Seijo 聖女. Personally, I thought that the story plot was short and direct. I was anticipating this drama to deliver more in terms of its suspense. However, it did not really do much justice in that area. It is a more typical kind of Japanese drama and not a suspense thriller type that I expect. 

There was an unexpected twist towards the end on certain hidden truth. It ended quite abruptly and I felt that the story could have been extended at least 3 more episode to sum up the entire show.