Sunday, December 20

Yesterday evening special service was COOL! Get to sing christmas songs and listen to testimony of my brother and sister. And yeps, SongJun did a great job in his song composition. Had a wonderful time praising and worshiping lord. Hopefully, our visitor get to enjoy and know the real purpose of what christmas is all about!! =)

Today, went to a old folks home near CCK. You can imagine the trip from my place to that area. Woke up 6.30am because we must reached there at 8.30am.

Initially, I was only the helper cum camera-man, but I turn out to be the assistant host instead. It was just so random but I still try my best to speak the dialect correctly. Thus, I did not take any picture.

The number game and hokkien singing session turn out quite bad. However, the drawing / guessing game have better respond. I feel that we should put in more effort into it. We had karaoke session where we get to sing to the old folks there. They were rather passive and the response from them were pretty bad.

Anyways, we did our part and sincerely hope that we bring them joy and hope during the festive seasons!