Thursday, December 31

Time passes so fast! It's the last day of the year once again! I'll do a recap of my 2009!!! It's certainly a year where I get to learn many stuff!

I am glad to be posted to CID! A pretty nice place to work, though at times, I tend to grumble about the workload and people I work with. To be posted in PNS office, I get to mingle around with fellow NSFs and PNSmen. I am happy for that because I like to meet new people and friends!

At the same time, I get to regular a church at HOPE! Thanks Brandon for inviting me there, spreading the joy and love! I gain lots of experience through it with different situation and tasks given to me. I think it enhance me to be a better and mature person in one way or another. I get to be more active, street smart & independent as before.

2010 is coming up soon! I pray for my family, friends and myself! And I believe it will be a great year ahead with lots of challenges. I also pray that I am able to manage my time better, to cater for family and friends! Sorry to those who I have neglected!

HAPPY 2010!