Thursday, December 24

Went to HOPE church Christmas combine service!! It was rather a happening one! I get to see fantastic song / drama performances. The drama presented was a true person story! It tell us that with jesus, there is always HOPE!

Through it, I realise that it apply to my working environment where one do not accept Christ as yet. At the same time, experience the love from god, for he who give his people HOPE!

I am glad my mum went for the service. I always wanted her to come our service. Though I did not get a very positive response but least she knew that I am serving God with my fellow brother / sister which is good enough. I sincerely pray that I can influence more people to know God. No one beats the love he first gave.

Thanks JX, Justin, Bruce & Brandon for the Christmas cards and also maybe to my other brother I've yet to receive from!!! Thank God for you!!!