Saturday, February 22

Was invited as one of the blogger to cover Channel U’s Private Screening for a new youth drama SCRUM! 冲锋 last Thursday. The event was held at Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel, Ballroom 2.

The Host: Y.E.S 933 Jeff

Chris Lee

Felicia Chin

Carrie Wong

Jae Liew

Jeffrey Xu & Allen Chen

Allen Chen shows off his dancing capability

The cast were being interviewed about their roles and experience acting in the drama.

Jeffrey Xu was the one who sang the theme song for this drama.

A bunch of passionate polytechnic rugby players is stuck in a doldrums of failures year after year, no matter how hard they try – they always end up at the last in all competitions. Some started to give up and trade their dreams for greener pastures, while some lost faith and drive in life altogether. They’re known as the hooligans without teeth in the school – the empty vessels. Their only hope is for an experienced coach to bring them back onto the path of victory. Is Huang Zhao Nan the one?

Some of the cast in the drama:

Li Yongchun’s mission is to get to know the contractor’s son in Greenwood polytechnic, try to infiltrate the illegal online gambling network and to find out who are the masterminds. Li Yongchun believed that the same mastermind is at work which injured his partner. For the first time in his life, he is doing something for a purpose.

The only daughter in the Wong family, Zhaonan is good in her brains and brawn. Her passion for rugby is inspired by her rugby  player dad. Huang Guo Nan is an ex-national rugby player whom has bowed out of the game after an unfortunate accident.

Yizhan tried hard to earn spare cash for the family and this ultimately lead him to join the online illegal gambling syndicate. A proud person, Yizhan is a hard nut to crack and he will at times take risk and undertake extreme action. Throughout the route to the tournament, Yizhan went through a character change to become more matured.

Born in a complicated family, Grace’s elder brother “Hei Ge”, her only kin, is a gang head. She is sweet looking but in reality- a fearsome girl. Grace is hurt by her first boyfriend and since then, she’s been in and out of a string of relationships. She is known as the “playgirl”. Grace is initially interested in Yongchun, because of his rich background. Click to view the other cast.

Managed to catch the 1st episode of SCRUM! 冲锋! The story started off by introducing the character of the cast. It happened in a campus thus for me, I felt that it was back then as a student in a polytechnic. Good that it uses rugby to educate viewers on this particular sport which some may not play it before. 

Certain scenes were humorous and I thought that brighten the show pretty much. I guessed Huang Zhaonan will coach the rugby team with her intensive training. This rugby team then will shine from there.

In my opinion, I thought that Felicia Chin, Jeffrey Xu and Lina Ng acted well with their given roles. Nice~ 

Remember to catch this new programmes soon on Channel U!
SCRUM! 冲锋 - Debuts 26 February 2014, every Wednesday - Friday 8pm!

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