Monday, February 3

"THE LION MEN" follows the rivalry between two lion dance troupes. 

Shi Shen (Tosh Zhang) is the top performer in the Tiger Crane Lion Dance Association, but feels restricted by Master He's (Chen Tianwen) traditional mindset. He decides to take a group of disciples and forms his own lion dance troupe, which fuses hip hop and rock with lion dance movements. 

A major Lion Dance Competition is coming up and Mikey (Wang Weiliang) is groomed to be Shi Shen's successor. However, he has a huge fear of heights! The situation worsens when both Mikey and Shi Shen fall for the Tiger Crane master's daughter (Eva Cheng)... 


Watched The Lion Men狮神决战 with family on 年初二. Seen a review on the show before booking tickets and realised it was rated badly. However, we decided to continue watching it. Usually, my family will catch Jack Neo's film during CNY.

The story was not fantastic but it was acceptable for me. I think lion dancers could relate better to this film because they are the ones who experienced and been through as one. Some of jokes were pretty similar to previous film so do not expect to laugh it out.

It touches about something which I find it pretty interesting. Creativity can be injected to a traditional lion dance as well. This is possible to make the performance looked 'wow'. However, it is still subject to individual on keeping it to its tradition or letting the creative juice out. It should just end without a sequel because I feel that there will be nothing much to showcase for part 2 except for teamwork?

I enjoyed Wang Wei Liang 王伟良 acting capability in ah boys to men! I thought he did well in his role. And yep, he did well this time too! Nice~ 

Ratings: 2.95/5