Thursday, February 13

Was invited as one of the blogger to the private screening of Channel U's new Korea reality travel program ‘A Date with K-pop Stars’ 《我和韩星有个约会》. The event was held at Korea Plaza! Glad to see Rui Ying there..

Had this korea-style buffet spread before the screening start! 

MediaCorp artiste Julie Tan visits Korea to experience the Korean culture unknown to the Singapore audience!

A co-production between Singapore and Korea’s CJ E&M, Julie meets up with K-pop stars in Korea to discover the hottest trends and Koreans’ favourite places. Speaking in English, Mandarin and Korean (no dubbing!), viewers will be introduced to K-food hot spots where K-pop stars usually eat out (eg. At Gangnam where idols from SM, YG, JYP and Cube always dine at), where we can enjoy a traditional Korean Spa, where to shop for the latest trends and where we can go for beauty pampering treats. Viewers will also get to witness the real scene of K-pop when Julie joins Dal Shabet for their concert’s dance training.

Managed to catch the 1st episode of this Korea reality travel program! It features Julie Tan with Dal Shabet. The one who brought Julie Tan around was Jiyul. They went to hunt for food and places of interest. 

Raw crab was one of the interesting food that was being introduced! Pretty interesting ya? Julie also educated viewers another way of drinking soju - Soju with Coke.

Then, they also went to the ice gallery which looked pretty fun! You get to see your favourite celebrity photos around in that area too!

After which, Jiyul invited Julie to her place! And guess what? The rest of the Dal Shabet member were there to welcome her into the house. From there, they got to know each other.

Julie then share with them her wishlist on coming to this korea trip. From there, they help her fulfill her wish in episode 2.

Jeffrey Xu
Host of the day!

Julie Tan shared with us about her experience being involved in this travel programme. 

Julie Tan!

Remember to catch 我和韩星有个约会 A Date with K-pop Stars soon on Channel U!
- Debuts 21 Feb 2014, every Friday 9pm!

Thanks Ch U for the invitation! Am blessed to cover for 
我和韩星有个约会 A Date with K-pop Stars! (: