Sunday, February 9

Was invited as one of the blogger to cover private screening of Channel U's brand new reality programme "Find the WASABI" yesterday afternoon! The event was held at Kuishinbo, Great World City!

Host for the day: Ivy Tan from YES 933 FM

Seraph Sun

Seraph Sun was being interviewed about her experience being part of this reality TV series. She shared some of the challenging tasks and games she went through in the series. At the same time, She managed to discover more of its culture and lifestyle in Japan.

Find the WASABI!” is an info-variety, reality-TV Asian co-pro seriesin which 3 Asian celebs with extensive knowledge on Japan compete against each other to find the hidden taste of Japan – further discovering its culture, food, lifestyle and people through challenging tasks and games.

Interwoven throughout the programme are latest news on Japan’s fashion, beauty and culture – making it the most exciting, entertaining, and up-to-date visual travelogue to Japan. 

The following below are the 3 Asian celebs:

Only one hunter can become WASABI Champion! Who will you be rooting for?

After which, it was screening time! Managed to catch 1st and 2nd episode of this competition-based reality TV series. I thought that it was rather refreshing and interesting. Through this competition, it educated viewers on Japanese culture at the same time. Also, you get to watch how these 3 asian celebs battle their way through to be the winner!

The 1st episode was more of a introduction of this programme and the 3 Asian celebs.

3 Asian celebs have come to Japan for a competition to find the “secret spice” of Japan. The 3 WASABI Hunters will live together in the “WASABI House”, and every week, they will face the challenges of various “Japanese Cultural Mission”. Only 1 person will emerge as the ultimate winner and be crowned the prestige title of WASABI CHAMPION. The battle begins on this day of arrival. 

The 2nd episode theme was Ramen. Their mission was to introduce Ramen at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. Before that, they were being taught on certain gesture to enhance the food in photography/videography. At the same time, it educated viewers on how to better make you food look more yummy!

I thought 3 of them had their own way of introducing the Ramen! Among the 3, I thought Palm introduce it pretty well and natural. However, Seraph Sun was smart for having a brief introduction of the restaurant and going to the kitchen to check out the process of cooking Ramen. Thus, She was the winner for the day! 

Remember to catch "Find the WASABI" soon on Channel U!
- Debuts 18 Feb 2014, every Tuesday 8pm!

After which, we had our meal at Kuishinbo! (:

Thanks to everyone and sponsors who made this private screening a successful one! Am blessed to have the opportunity to cover for Find the WASABI! (: