Friday, July 22

Had unit group yesterday evening! The prayer was great and powerful! Felt the strong presence of the lord is in our midst! While praying, I felt peaceful and calm! That's the power of our mighty God! Thanks David for the prayer!

I realise that while praying, we should really stay focus on God and not anything else in the mind. From there, you could feel God's love deeper!

At times, I feel ashamed of myself! The more I wanted to be more like God. The more I drifted away from him. I think it's a rather difficult test for me. I certainly hope to complete the race together with my brothers and sisters. Its not through my own strength but through God that I am able to be who I am today.

I have seen many people around me. Different character, interest, passion and goals. Even in church, I get to see different kind of people. At times, you might get hurt in one way or another. It is not that the bro and sis in church are that bad. It is only that we are still humans and have our own emotions and feelings at times.

Friends around me pondered why I spent time with my church friends and neglect them. The truth is that I tried my best to spend time with my family & friends. I hope they will see the effort but not telling me that I am so into church.

The reason why I continue to attend church despite some of the issues mentioned was because I know that: In my heart, God is good and faithful. Whenever I attend service, I feel the joy in my heart. Also, looking at how we serve God together was amazing!

Really pray that I will continue the walk with God, have faith and trust in him because God is love! (: