Sunday, May 1

Unit outing today was at ECP! Met up with brothers & sisters at ECP - McDonalds! Had our breakfast there. After which, played captain's ball! Imagine playing it on the sand!? It indeed increase the level of difficultly but it was fun! Played awhile and it rains.

Then, chill around the shelter area. Some were playing cards game while others playing passing of football. I was the one playing the football with Joe & David. (:

After which, we went cycling! Been a long time since I cycled. Then, we had our lunch! After cycling, we went to chill at Burger King and played card games.

It was a fun day! (:

Happy Labour Day!

Waiting for MR Jan to post the pictures. Hopefully, he will post the pictures up. =x

Thanks for the upload of pictures, Jan! (: