Wednesday, May 18

Watched gantz! The storyplot was unpredictable and great! Certain scenes were humorous as well. In the beginning, the storyline was similar to the incite mill. While watching, there was a twist, making you think and ponder. At certain point, I think that its not realistic, however it feels that you are into it, watching them defeating the aliens. Stage 1 of the alien produces some gore scenes. Stage 2 of the alien was funny! Everyone was laughing like nobody businesses. Stage 3 of the alien seems to be unbeatable. They have to go through till each got 100 points. How will the story continue once they hit it?

I thought Kenichi Matsuyama was the leading character but he's the 2nd lead. His acting here was good as usual. His character is similar to Tatsuya fujiwara where he usually act as the "nice person". However, I think there is more to reveal about him in part 2.

kazunari ninomiya was the lead cast. I was rather impressed by his acting ability. I think his expression was strong enough to attract viewers attention. Think he will be deem as one of the actor to act alongside with Kenichi Matsuyama and Tatsuya fujiwara in future.

What can I say about Natsuna?
She's adorable and I think she acted well with her given role.

Overall, its an awesome movie! Can't wait to catch part 2!

Ratings: 4/5