Sunday, May 22

Finished watching this romantic interactive web-drama on xinmsn! This drama is based on a reality game show and each episode lasted around 3mins! Although it is short, I feel that the storyline is interesting because viewers get to play as director by voting the desired outcome for the next 5 episode.

Below are the cast who are involved in the drama:

Jeffrey Xu & Julie Tan

James Seah & Sora Ma

Huang Jing Lun & Teresa Tseng

Sliver Ang & Romeo Tan

After watching, my 2 favourite couple will be Ian & Xiao Yi, Nic & Belle! One is adorable couple and the other a modern one! Great acting from the various cast! Michelle Chia and Bryan Wong did a good job as well! In the end, the winner did not get the true love but instead those who are eliminated get their true love. Nice ending.

So... Who is your favourite couple?

Have not catch it yet?

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