Sunday, June 27

Church service was great as usual. Though its at a different venue but the presence of God is still there. I like how a sister actually reminded us to stay focus and carry on to worship God, the one who first loved us i.e not to let others influence and stop you from having the relationship with God. I admit at times, its really so hard to obey God words. I tend to fall into a trap where I got myself, becoming hot-tempered, selfish and etc.

Besides that, I felt that the things I did really worth doing. Do people really appreciate it? I ponder why friends around me kept on telling me what a Christian should be like. I mean Christian are still humans. Sometimes, I really hope that I could have some fresh air to breath. I pray for wisdom and also to be a humble person, to become more and more like God.

I believe everyone has their own family issues. Though different background, good or bad, one ought to learn and see things deeper and be independent. Certainly, it will have a certain impact on the person but if you think of it, you are not alone going through everything. You still do have friends and most importantly God who will be always there!

CG was great! DIY lunch was fun! Great fellowship! (:

Initially, planned to buy shoes and some other stuff after CG but failed to do so since I did other stuff there. However, when I think I did it for God. Everything is worth it.